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New Smyrna Beach, FL

Our Building Process

We like to get together with you to review everything throughout several stages of the construction process. At your pre-construction meeting, plans will be reviewed, your preferences discussed and initial selections can be made. At that time, you will also be provided with an overview of the construction process and answer any questions.

  • 1) Electrical Walk: You will meet with our electrician and our Superintendent (foreman) once the roof and stairs are installed. Expect this meeting to take approximately two hours or less. At this meeting you will identify locations of fixtures, cable, specialty lighting, etc.

  • 2) Framing Walk: Framing Walk is done when all framing and rough mechanicals are complete. This walk will consist of verifying rooms, locating the mechanicals along with door openings, etc. prior to the installation of sheet rock.

  • 3) Interior Bath & Closet Accessories: You will be contacted directly by a glass representative to schedule a time to select mirrors, shower doors and closet shelving. We work with established suppliers who own large showrooms displaying endless fixture and lighting options for your selection.

  • 4) Landscaping: Our landscapers will contact you to review and select one of our generous packages. At this time, you may choose to add hardscape options, such as a patio or paver walkway, etc.

  • 5) Final Walk: Brent or a Superintendent will schedule the home introduction directly with you. Expect for this walk to take approximately two hours. You will review all aspects of the home and its functions. We will go over all mechanicals and general maintenance of home prior to closing.

  • 6) Post-Closing Walk: Once you have lived in your new home for approximately two weeks, we ask that you contact the office to set up a time at your home to review your final walk through and if you have any further questions about your new home.

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